Little Girl’s Room Makeover, Sugar and Spice for Two

PicMonkey Collage

So I decided on Grey or Gray, depending on which continent you live. Winter’s Day by Olympic Icon to be more specific. Although it was meant to be my neutral,  you can see after all the pink and blue things were added to the room it changed colors right before my eyes.

Both of the “new” pink furniture pieces are tv stands I purchased for cheap from the local thrift, painted and added new knobs. I used a lot of spray paint in this room, I’m going to caution anyone who uses spray paint, to leave it outside to off gas no less than 24 hours. The fumes from spray paint are toxic and they don’t stop fuming once the paint has dried.



The pink picture frames I picked up at the dollar store and spray painted. The little mirrors are a thrift store finds as well . The Beatrix Potter images were digital downloads from Etsy.


I bought the comforters and shams at Big Lots for $15 each. I could not have bought the fabric for that price, plus they are twin so in a few years when we transition to twin beds all I will need are new sheets.

little girls room after

The toddler beds are actually platform beds made from 4×4’s and plywood. Home Depot cut everything and all that was left to do was was screw on the legs and sand down all the corners and rough spots. Once again, fresh wood comes with a hefty dose of formaldehyde, we left it outside for several days to “air”.

The headboards are plywood with batting and a quilt material I picked up at Joann’s. Truly very easy with a staple gun.

This tiny room looks much larger now and the girls are thrilled with it.

Before and After Little Girls Room

It’s definitely a little girl’s room and that was the plan.


Kitchen Makeover Reveal

I am so thrilled with my new kitchen makeover!

kitchen collage

I’m overwhelmed with how light and bright my kitchen is now.

What a difference a little alot of white paint makes!



I used paintable wallpaper to get the wainscoting look. It was super easy after I figured out one thing. Perfection is not necessary.

Once painted any imperfections will not show up.

I followed the directions that it came with. The one tip I have is score the edge with a knife so you have an exact line to cut with scissors. If it’s off a little use the knife to push it behind the baseboard or chair rail. If you don’t already have a chair rail, put it on last. That would have made this project a lot faster. I didn’t have that option.

wainscoting tip

My Mother is a consummate thrift store/garage sale shopper and left a few pieces in my storage building when she was visiting. I remembered  an old Victrola case was among them. I thought it would be perfect to hold the kids kitchen toys.

Instead this is what I found.

old music cabinet

I had remembered wrong, thankfully. Some white paint for sure, but what do I do with the green glass? Since it’s for the kids I thought a chalkboard would be fun.  Readily available chalkboard paint is full of VOC’s  and looking at the prices of non toxic I went back to the drawing board. Or rather magnetic board!


A piece of sheet metal and it’s perfect.

Now for the thrift store finds.

thrift store

I liked the idea of painted cabinets, but now with all the white on one side I like the oak cabinetry.


I really can’t imagine wanting to do anything else to this kitchen.

My youngest felt it still needed a little something and true to form waited me out until I was out of range. Then proceeded to finagle down the gate protecting my paint pan and added some artistic touches


paint foot prints

and here..

paint foot prints 2

 Ah…the joys of toddlers. As I washed those little feet I was thinking, “Dear God, what chemicals just seeped into that precious little body?!”.  “No VOC”  paint is still toxic it just doesn’t off gas. The chemical fears of a mother never seem to end.

We spent a bit more in the kitchen than we intended, but since we may have to sell the house someday, the kitchen is the place to put that extra cash. Luckily I had been buying things here and there for a few years. So we didn’t have to come up with all the cash at once.

  • 1 gallon each Olympic Icon Toasted Almond & Ultra White $50
  • Pulls for cabinets & guide $40
  • Ceiling Fan $85
  • Light over sink $57
  • Light in hall $10
  • Drop Cloth for table runner $5
  • Thrift store goodies  $30
  • Curtain & Drapery Rod $42
  • Curtain Panels & Valence $70
  • Wainscoting $19
  • Total  $408

Everything except the thrift store items were purchased from Lowes *grimace*.

Here is the final before and after of my kitchen makeover reveal.

 kitchen before and after 2

kitchen before and after