Converted Laundry Room Done

The Creativity Room has been dismantled and I am sad to see it go.

 Before and After Craft Room

This room is brighter than the other so it does work better for a laundry/craft room.


It still works well as a laundry room, yes Virginia, I had an inset created beside the door when we finished the basement that is perfect for a clothes rack.


I put the shelves on the other side so this room still has plenty of space.

laundry after2

The only left left to do, which will be done by the handyman, is a table shelf on top of the washer and dryer so there is a dedicated space to fold laundry.

3 down, 9 to go and I’m exhausted.


The Creativity Room Makeover

I turned my forgotten craft room into a

Creativity Room for 3 very happy ladies.

Craft room makeover

Homeschooling Research – Check

Homeschooling Supplies – Check


I still dream of a Waldorf inspired room with lovely nature hues, wood toys and wool dolls on freshly hewn shelves, alas I do not know how to hew shelves.

So plan B. It’s time to face, dun, dun, dunnn,  the room.  At one point in time I had a makeshift craft room in the one not entirely finished room downstairs. It later turned into the catch all room. A room where things piled up, toppled over and then got ignored.

Here is the horror of it….


After going through all the bins and everything stored away I set up the furniture to accommodate a learning space and thought I would stop there.

Then I started day dreaming.

Ah,  the lovely mornings the girls and I could spend listening to music, me sewing sweet little things for the girls while they color, read, sing, dance, create and “play Math”. It became a vision, so I decided to really turn this room into a place of creativity. Just because it wasn’t entirely perfect doesn’t mean it couldn’t be pretty. Which means a lot of organization and a trip to the dollar store. My kids are always too glad to accompany me on this errand.

Here is the girls area all neatly organized, for now.Homeschool Classroom Makeover

Homeschool Classroom Makeover

I’m not a fan of the plastic easel below, I would have much rather had wood, but Toys R US sent it instead of the baby gate I ordered and I made the mistake of bringing it in the house within the eye line of 2 little ones. The girls love it and painting seems to always be the first order of the day.


I found this child’s art holder on clearance at Target for $7 and it is adorable. But I think some twine and clothes pins would be just as cute and even a little rustic.


Bought me a new office chair. Not the prettiest at the thrift store, but oh so comfortable. I like things pretty, but I like comfy better. I also like spending $8 on an office chair. Gave it a good vibrant color spray paint and a throw pillow and I’m smiling.

Craft Room Makeover

Once upon a time I had a children’s bow business. It was wonderful for about a year and then I got a debilitating case of the flu that lasted for 9 months. Afterwards I  just made bows for my new little flu bug and her big sister.  So, I have ribbon enough to adorn the heads of a small country. But I had been keeping it in bins, I wanted it out, in all it’s colorful glory. I found this DVD rack listed on the local classifieds for $10 and painted it a vibrant green.

Craft Room Ribbon Holder Makeover

Craft Room Makeover

This room is full of color and truly a place for us 3 girls to daydream.  That first day was a doozy, but I can say once the new wore off we girls have had many a pleasant morning letting our minds be free to create and learn.

I’m even thinking of opening my Etsy store again. Right after I get this homemaker thing functioning properly, write my book, raise my children to be good citizens and fully educate them. Ya know, in my spare time. Fotor0401174554


  Is it perfect? Nope

Is it pretty? Yep

Do we 3 ladies feel good in it?

Oh, yes and that’s all that  counts.

Kitchen Makeover Reveal

I am so thrilled with my new kitchen makeover!

kitchen collage

I’m overwhelmed with how light and bright my kitchen is now.

What a difference a little alot of white paint makes!



I used paintable wallpaper to get the wainscoting look. It was super easy after I figured out one thing. Perfection is not necessary.

Once painted any imperfections will not show up.

I followed the directions that it came with. The one tip I have is score the edge with a knife so you have an exact line to cut with scissors. If it’s off a little use the knife to push it behind the baseboard or chair rail. If you don’t already have a chair rail, put it on last. That would have made this project a lot faster. I didn’t have that option.

wainscoting tip

My Mother is a consummate thrift store/garage sale shopper and left a few pieces in my storage building when she was visiting. I remembered  an old Victrola case was among them. I thought it would be perfect to hold the kids kitchen toys.

Instead this is what I found.

old music cabinet

I had remembered wrong, thankfully. Some white paint for sure, but what do I do with the green glass? Since it’s for the kids I thought a chalkboard would be fun.  Readily available chalkboard paint is full of VOC’s  and looking at the prices of non toxic I went back to the drawing board. Or rather magnetic board!


A piece of sheet metal and it’s perfect.

Now for the thrift store finds.

thrift store

I liked the idea of painted cabinets, but now with all the white on one side I like the oak cabinetry.


I really can’t imagine wanting to do anything else to this kitchen.

My youngest felt it still needed a little something and true to form waited me out until I was out of range. Then proceeded to finagle down the gate protecting my paint pan and added some artistic touches


paint foot prints

and here..

paint foot prints 2

 Ah…the joys of toddlers. As I washed those little feet I was thinking, “Dear God, what chemicals just seeped into that precious little body?!”.  “No VOC”  paint is still toxic it just doesn’t off gas. The chemical fears of a mother never seem to end.

We spent a bit more in the kitchen than we intended, but since we may have to sell the house someday, the kitchen is the place to put that extra cash. Luckily I had been buying things here and there for a few years. So we didn’t have to come up with all the cash at once.

  • 1 gallon each Olympic Icon Toasted Almond & Ultra White $50
  • Pulls for cabinets & guide $40
  • Ceiling Fan $85
  • Light over sink $57
  • Light in hall $10
  • Drop Cloth for table runner $5
  • Thrift store goodies  $30
  • Curtain & Drapery Rod $42
  • Curtain Panels & Valence $70
  • Wainscoting $19
  • Total  $408

Everything except the thrift store items were purchased from Lowes *grimace*.

Here is the final before and after of my kitchen makeover reveal.

 kitchen before and after 2

kitchen before and after

Laundry Room Reveal!

I’ve purtied up my laundry room!

Isn’t wasn’t that much work…after I got the laundry done. Phew, we have enough clothes for 4 additional people. I’m thinking the next project is going to be decluttering clothes, yes, clothes can be clutter too, and a closet makeover. Anyhoo, back to the laundry room.

I ended up spray painting the legs of the brown folding table with some black metal paint that has been waiting for our front stoop rails. I had a bed ruffle that was a wedding present from 10 years ago so I nipped off the white fabric and glued it to the table. Is it the primitive french country table I would have picked with a never ending budget? No,but it’s pretty and cost me NOTHING!


I used the leftovers of the bed skirt to hide a bit of the cords and pipes and some simple organization with bins from Walmart. We now have all our light bulbs in one place. They were in 5 different places in our house. How many housewives does it take to change a light bulb? 1 to check the linen closet, 1 to check the bathroom, 1 to check the cleaning closet, 1 to check the junk drawer,  1 to check the guest room and 1 to send her husband to Lowes because we don’t have that kind of bulb.


I used some transfer paper and to add a little something to the laundry sorter. I really love this!


A new blind and curtain rod from Lowes and a curtain that was part of my wedding bedding set. (fun to say, aye?)


The pillow is made from a tablecloth I got on sale from Williams Sonoma so long ago. I had another pillow I didn’t particularly care for, so I used it’s innards for stuffing.


The Toulouse Lautrec print I took from another room. I love it and just haven’t found the right place until now.


Total cost:

$14 for Bins

$8 for Transfer paper

$13 for Blinds

$4 for curtain rod

Everything else we already had. I used to grimace at the pile of purchases intended for home projects, now they are a blessing. I’ve pulled from that pile for both the pantry and the laundry room.  So all in, $39 for a room that is now pleasant to do laundry in. I just don’t think you can put a price on that.



Applying Contact Paper, A Form of Torture

My pantry is done and it was so much fun, except for one thing. The contact paper…phew…uhmm…let me just say this,  if you are a perfectionist, contact paper is not for you. I highly suggest the cut-a-square grippy stuff and never so much as look at contact paper. After one hour of trying to perfect my first shelf I asked myself this question. ” Does perfection make something more beautiful?”  Well, of course not!  No one was going to see the wrinkles in my contact paper. And as my Mother used to say when I complained about a run in my stockings, “If someone is looking that close, smack ’em!”. So if I were you, I would not mention my wrinkles.

Here is the Before and After. I left the opening at the bottom. I’d like to say it’s because I thought it was rustic, but truthfully with very little DIY skills I didn’t know what to do about it. The only concern I have is the 2 new kittens who are curious about everything. Luckily it doesn’t go anywhere, so if they perchance to explore we can just wait for them to come out.


I started by painting the back wall a cheery yellow. I used Shortbread by Olympic paints in Eggshell.


I then put on a hair shirt  down some contact paper.

Contact Paper

Pulled  up the carpet and all the staples and finished with a white coat of paint for everything else.


 All in all I spent $54 on 2 baskets, a shelf and 2 wire hanging baskets. Everything else I sourced from around the house. Here are a few close ups of the finished project.

stitched 2

One last Tad-ah!


Is it perfect?  Nope.

Is it pretty?  Oh yea!

Is it functional?  It is!

Did I do it mah self?  You betcha!