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The Sugar Free Grain Free Life

It's not important that you know how or what to eat when you decide to use food to find health. It's different for every person. I can't tell you what foods heal and what foods harm you. I can only tell you what myself and my children need to eat and I'm still learning. Today… Continue reading The Sugar Free Grain Free Life

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Not All Driveways are Created Equal

If you happen upon my driveway and turn off the road you will find yourself surrounded by nothing but woods. If you keep going, soon you won't see the road from which you turned or the house at the end sitting in a small clearing. Every time I make this drive I savor those few magical moments… Continue reading Not All Driveways are Created Equal

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I Will Not Risk the Economy of My Country

And so it came to pass... Another year in the life of my tiny little baby who magically turned 5 when I blinked. Each year I think,  time can't possibly go any faster and yet, it does. "Children age you." I always thought that meant physically,with the stress, worry lines and gray hairs, but that's not it. It's… Continue reading I Will Not Risk the Economy of My Country

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A Cow, A Goat, 4 Chickens and Chest Pains

I have been cleaning, decluttering, painting and all around beautifying. And then...IT happened. First came the news that our Annabelle (bovine) is pregnant. One of the bull calves we put on her to nurse, grew up and took over the role of paramour. She is almost 7 months along which means we will need to stop milking her… Continue reading A Cow, A Goat, 4 Chickens and Chest Pains

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Top 65 Essential Kitchen Tools

What are the essential tools every kitchen needs? While I'm attempting to beautify my home room by room I'm also deep cleaning, decluttering and making sure I have everything I need for that room to be useful. Which means the kitchen has been a huge undertaking. I know they say start with your biggest project… Continue reading Top 65 Essential Kitchen Tools

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The Lies “They” Tell

Skin, the largest organ on our body, absorbs almost 60% of what we put on it into the blood stream. There is no filter. It would be better to drink your shampoo than to put in on your skin. At least your saliva, intestinal tract, kidneys and liver would get a chance to clean out… Continue reading The Lies “They” Tell

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Chemical Fears of A Mother

When I discovered I was expecting my first child I went about pregnancy much as I would have any other situation. Educate myself on what I should know, make decisions and move in their direction without prejudice or fear. Well, that is not entirely honest, fear has always been a part of my life, but… Continue reading Chemical Fears of A Mother

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What Anam Baile Means To Me

Anam Baile is Gaelic. Loosely translated it means Spirit Home. I started this blog to organize my brain. I have a very clear vision of what life should be for my family. It's like a brilliant diamond  with so many facets the glare often blurs them from my vision. My intention is to see it… Continue reading What Anam Baile Means To Me

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Housework Really Isn’t That Important, Part Deux

Today I am sitting in front of my computer exhausted. Today is the day my neighbor comes over to help clean. This requires that I of course, clean before she comes. Really just not looking forward to what lay ahead of me. What if I didn't feel like this? What if my house really only… Continue reading Housework Really Isn’t That Important, Part Deux