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Applying Contact Paper, A Form of Torture

My pantry is done and it was so much fun, except for one thing. The contact paper…phew…uhmm…let me just say this,  if you are a perfectionist, contact paper is not for you. I highly suggest the cut-a-square grippy stuff and never so much as look at contact paper. After one hour of trying to perfect my first shelf I asked myself this question. ” Does perfection make something more beautiful?”  Well, of course not!  No one was going to see the wrinkles in my contact paper. And as my Mother used to say when I complained about a run in my stockings, “If someone is looking that close, smack ’em!”. So if I were you, I would not mention my wrinkles.

Here is the Before and After. I left the opening at the bottom. I’d like to say it’s because I thought it was rustic, but truthfully with very little DIY skills I didn’t know what to do about it. The only concern I have is the 2 new kittens who are curious about everything. Luckily it doesn’t go anywhere, so if they perchance to explore we can just wait for them to come out.


I started by painting the back wall a cheery yellow. I used Shortbread by Olympic paints in Eggshell.


I then put on a hair shirt  down some contact paper.

Contact Paper

Pulled  up the carpet and all the staples and finished with a white coat of paint for everything else.


 All in all I spent $54 on 2 baskets, a shelf and 2 wire hanging baskets. Everything else I sourced from around the house. Here are a few close ups of the finished project.

stitched 2

One last Tad-ah!


Is it perfect?  Nope.

Is it pretty?  Oh yea!

Is it functional?  It is!

Did I do it mah self?  You betcha!


5 thoughts on “Applying Contact Paper, A Form of Torture

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  2. Hi, I have to thank you for the terrific idea you had for putting a cart on the sloped floor in the closet. I live in an old bank building (1890). I live upstairs and have an antique shop on the ground floor…and I have one closet. On top of the one closet, it has a sloped floor like that. I am so glad I saw your idea. I could put my shoes in something like that! Terrific!

    • I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the wasted slope space. Living above your own antique store, that sounds like a dream come true! Can’t wait to check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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